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Master of Arts in Arts Administration




KID smART is an arts organization with a main focus in Arts Integration. Arts Integration is the fusing of the arts with education. This can be achieved through one teacher in the classroom, or two teachers co-teaching in the classroom. It presents academic subjects through art, while meeting state and district standards for the art form and the academic subject. Arts Integration is not a new method of teaching, but it is something that is very new in the city of New Orleans. KID smART’s mission is stated as KID smART teaching under-served children positive life skills through hands-on arts activities. By introducing children to the arts, KID smART provides a safe, nurturing place for children to learn valuable skills that will make them more successful in all spheres of life: discipline, self respect, teamwork, creative problem solving and pride of accomplishment. Through its mission, KID smART hopes to use Arts Integration to boost the academic and artistic success of school-age children in the City of New Orleans. KID smART employs teacher training and instruction by teaching artists in both the visual and performing arts (see APPENDIX 1A). KID smART also uses classroom programming, professional development for educators, after-school programs and other community-based projects to collaborate with professional artist educators, school administrators and classroom teachers to promote discipline, self-respect, teamwork, creative problem solving and pride of accomplishment within students.