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Master's Report

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Master of Arts in Arts Administration




As a marketing intern at Louisiana State Museum, I worked under the supervision of the Director of Marketing and Communications. The department is based out of the Presbytere, but is responsible for the entire Louisiana State Museum system and so my responsibilities spanned many other departments and sites, including Baton Rouge and Patterson. When starting my internship, there was no specific job description, nor any guidelines indicating what my responsibilities were. In fact, the only information I had was from the offer letter received from Arthur Smith: "You'll be working in the marketing communications department under my supervision on a variety of projects involving other key museum functions -- curatorial, exhibitions, education, fundraising and special events." As the internship progressed, I found myself working with each of these departments, in addition to the outsourced PR company, Peter A. Mayer Advertising, Inc, Louisiana State Museum's in-house historians and also coordinators of future museum projects, the Louisiana Civil Rights Museum and the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.