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Master's Report

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Master of Arts in Arts Administration




From February 23 through May 10, 2005, I am an intern at the Arts Council of New Orleans in the Department of the Fresh Art Festival. The internship was approved by my Graduate Committee and confirmed by the Arts Administration Department at UNO. It fulfills the requirements for the degree of Master of the Arts in the Arts Administration Program at UNO. My Graduate Committee is composed of one Major Professor and two committee members. The Major Professor is A. Lawrence Jenkens, Jr., who is a professor in the Fine Art Department at UNO. The other two committee members are Donald Kaye Marshall, who teaches in the Department of Arts Administration at UNO and Elizabeth Williams, who teaches in the Department of Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism at UNO as well. My internship mainly focuses on the Fresh Art Festival; therefore, the Coordinator of the Festival, Barbara Workman, is my on-site supervisor. However, I only get one hour of work to do every day due to the fact that my time there is not the busiest time for the Festival. But with Ms. Workman's consent, I could read all the files about the Festival and got a chance to review and study the Festi val. I also got a chance to assist one of the Arts Business Incubator's tenants, CubaNola Collective, with its lecture events. Under the special condition of my internship (See Chapter 4 & 5), I decided to turn it into a studying process, instead of a working experience. Therefore, the following report profiles the Arts Council of New Orleans (most of it is cited from the Arts Council's Fact Sheets, "Agency Operations Narrative," and website under its consent), and details as well as analyzes the Fresh Art Festival.