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Master's Report

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Master of Arts in Arts Administration




The landscape of contemporary art in New Orleans is a challenging one, and in relative infancy. U.S. Biennial, Inc. immediately following Hurricane Katrina saw an opportunity to merge this burgeoning scene with the well-established tourism industry. As a result, the Prospect New Orleans biennials are an attempt to increase cultural tourism through the presentation of international contemporary art exhibitions. Audience engagement is a current hot topic for arts organizations of all kinds. Concerns over sustainability and community relevance have led many arts organizations to deeply examine who their targeted audiences are and how they are engaging those audiences. While U.S. Biennial, Inc. and the Prospect New Orleans biennials are primarily ventures to increase cultural tourism in the Greater New Orleans area, there is still a need to cultivate and maintain local audience engagement. This report examines how Prospect.2, the third iteration of the Prospect New Orleans biennials, attempted to both draw tourists to the area through contemporary art while also engaging local audiences in educational and public programming.


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