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Master's Report

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Master of Arts in Arts Administration




Today’s arts nonprofits are navigating a challenging landscape where competition for funding and audiences is on the rise. To intensify this issue, rates of participation in the arts have declined and funders have raised the bar requiring that nonprofits demonstrate higher levels of accountability concerning results and mission achievement. These conditions have caused nonprofits to assess their leadership, community relevancy, program effectiveness, and management practices. Consequently, audience engagement has become a prominent topic in the field, with a growing body of research and varying perspectives. Arts nonprofits are experimenting with an array of strategies and activities to increase participation. New Orleans’ Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) developed a new Strategic Framework Plan and eliminated its larger debt in 2012, and is appointing a new Executive Director. This report examines the CAC’s history and current situation, and explores ways the organization can further its institutional growth and cement its place within the community.


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