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Master's Report

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Master of Arts in Arts Administration




In 2008, Prospect New Orleans (Prospect) launched the first internationally contemporary art biennial in the United States with a goal to articulate new discoveries in the world of art with historical and culturally significant surroundings. In its fourth iteration in 2014 and with a new staff borne of past successes and failures, which included near-dissolution from financial difficulty, Prospect.3: Notes for Now (Prospect.3) ambitiously expanded with additional artists, venues, and programs. “Thirty Years of Meaning and Influence - Flash of the Spirit: African & Afro-American Art & Philosophy by Robert Farris Thompson” was an international conference that was one of 60 programs produced by Prospect.3 from October 25, 2014 – January 25, 2015. The purpose of this report is to document my internship as Conference Coordinator for the two-day conference and to analyze its purpose in the greater context of the large biennial. For this review, the function of the conference and the institutional effectiveness of the organization are summarized through a SWOT analysis to compare the event results to other similar organizations to determine the best practices to successfully integrate concept, form, management, evaluation and conclusion. This thoughtful examination is used to make recommendations for future Prospect programming to be further strengthened through the research of Best Practices with suggested application.


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