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Master's Report

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Master of Arts in Arts Administration




This paper comes from 180 hours of internship with the New Orleans Film Festival in Orleans Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana. During those hours of involvement with this organization, I focused on the competitive division of the festival that was then known as Cinema 16. In the course of events, questions arose concerning the issue of board involvement in the Cinema 16 jury process and the board's administrative responsibilities. As it is with all human enterprise, there also is a continuously evolving attempt to improve methods. In the NOFF's case there is an attempt to improve the judging of the entries. What should be the board's role in that process? Cinema 16 should breathe life into the creative aspirations of fledgling filmmaker's near and far. Does the New Orleans Fum Festival do all it can to make this a reality by vigorously marketing the selected films? Memberships became a focus when the disparity between the number of members in prior years and the number in 2001 appeared large. There were approximately 350 memberships in August of 2001, compared to 600 in 1999. There appeared to be a direct correlation between the number of memberships and mail-outs to the public. What other methods could be utilized to increase their numbers? Information is power. Answers to such questions would put the festival in the position of being proactive by giving them opportunity to further fulfill their mission as well as the capability to bring in more funds to continue their work. Time was given to exploring a university population as a viable market for new memberships. The staff shed light on the need for more services to offer prospective members. These major issues served to fulfill the purpose of the internship by opening up opportunities for experience in a nonprofit arts organization. The experience in its entirety brought to light the film festival's impact on the concept that film is a credible art form celebrated by individuals everywhere. This paper should highlight the importance of the various processes, not only in giving that organization credibility but also in aiding it in making the impact it wishes to on its immediate and global community.