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Master's Report

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Master of Arts in Arts Administration




Stella Jones Gallery: An Organizational Analysis and Suggested Marketing Plan is based on my internship as Managing Director of Stella Jones Gallery. The internship report will focus on 1. Analyzing the organizational structure and cultures of Stella Jones Gallery as it relates to the internship and 2. Creating a marketing plan to support, expose, and expand the mission of the organization. Because of the report's objectives, the internship report has been segmented into the following sections: Part I: Organizational Analysis Stella Jones Gallery's organizational structure and culture will be analyzed to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of its methods and practices. Through the analysis, a description and evaluation of my internship as Managing Director will be provided to discuss the overall effectiveness of the position. It will also discuss the position's contribution to the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. This section will be immediately followed by suggestions in management and staffing as well as ways in which the organization can redefine and strengthen its organizational culture. Part II: Suggested Marketing Plan At the time of the internship, Stella Jones Gallery had been in existence for three and a half years and is emerging as one of the leading African-American galleries in the southeast region of the United States. The gallery has been very fortunate to have reviews in highly regarded magazines such as Art Business News, Art and Antiques, and the International Review of African-American Art. It has not, however, established a strategic marketing plan to propel the gallery to the forefront of the commercial arts industry. The marketing plan created will suggest ways the gallery can capitalize on the medial attention it has received. Secondly, it will illustrate how the gallery can promote and establish its product within the commercial arts industry and non-profit sector of the visual arts. Finally, it offers ways in which the gallery can forge ahead of its competition by offering on-line as well as curatorial and educational services. The issues addressed and suggestions made are to help Stella Jones Gallery reach its potential as a leading art organization. In conclusion, this report will note any changes or improvements made in the gallery's management practices, staff, and marketing strategies as a result of the suggestions offered.