Document Type

Master's Report

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Arts Administration




This report seeks to examine the organization in which this writer performed an internship as partial fulfillment for the Master of Arts in Arts Administration degree granted by the University of New Orleans. Although performed in a for-profit making rather than nonprofit setting, this internship, performed at the Hotel Inter-Continental, makes a valuable contribution to my professional career. The internship began January 23, 1998 and ended on November 13, 1998. The reason this writer chose to perform the internship at a hospitality lodging facility was to gain experience in VIP relations, managerial planning and controlling, and overview of hospitality industry. The internship was largely successful, as the writer gained the anticipated experience while making a significant contribution to the ongoing operations of the Hotel InterContinental. The writer is currently employed as a full-time employee as the Assistant Guest Relations Manager.