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Esplanade Ridge is the largest downtown historic district in New Orleans, a place that is known as the home of the "last Creole aristocrats" and described as the French Creole version of St. Charles Avenue during the 1800's (Jensen A-I). This historically significant neighborhood is suffering much like other metropolitan areas in New Orleans. Amidst the urban neighborhoods ofNew Orleans often exists rampant property deterioration, crime, litter and population loss. Typical problems in any city, these frightening realities often make imagining the future of Esplanade Ridge a depressing experience. However, alongside the problems endures a rich cultural history and offering. New Orleans architectural treasures are among the finest in the nation; Esplanade Ridge boasts Greek Revival, Classic, Italianate, and High Victorian architectural styles built by such noted architects as Henry Howard, James Freret and James Gallier(Jensen A-I). Rich with history, Esplanade Ridge and all New Orleans neighborhoods must fight to maintain and improve their current condition, in order to ensure a positive cultural future for all New Orleans residents.