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Master's Report

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Master of Arts in Arts Administration




The following report is the analysis of a three-month internship within this organization, and will discuss topics as they relate to the cuniculum of the Arts Administration degree. The for-profit nature of this internship and its completion within a small-scale structure presented me with several not-so-clearly delineated tasks. In order to properly introduce the topics associated with the responsibilities of the assignment at Arthur Roger Gallery, the reader must first become familiar with the nature of the business, and its management structure. Chapter II is exclusively devoted to the purpose of the internship. By considering the role of the intern, who acted in the role of an assistant to the staff, this section will outline the importance of compiling an inventory, and the necessity of maintaining the gallery's website in the most accurate manner. The third chapter of the present report is an attempt to identify the reasons that separate the Arthur Roger Gallery from its competitors. This section will address several elements discussed through our cuniculum, particularly during the Visual Art and Marketing classes. Broadly speaking, it will show that Arthur Roger has fully understood the "who, what, where, why, when and how" of selling fine art in his market area. The final section of the discussion will involve several points dealing principally with management and technical concerns, for the most part related to the growing activity of the business and its recent evolutions.