Document Type

Master's Report

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Arts Administration




From May 11, 1987, through August 14, 1987, Rebecca Jean Bossert interned at the Arts Council of New Orleans. The internship was approved by the intern's Graduate Committee and confirmed by the Arts Administration Advisory Committee. It fulfills the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Arts Administration. The internship encompassed duties involved with the coordination and execution of the Partnership Grants Program and the Municipal Endowment Grants for the Arts Program, which were administered by the Arts Council of New Orleans. The first few weeks of the internship were supervised by Ginny Lee McMurray, Assistant Director, who took maternity leave beginning June 3. The remainder of the internship was supervised by Joycelyn L. Reynolds, Grants Coordinator. The following report profiles the Arts Council of New Orleans, describes the internship, analyzes management challenges posed by the internship, offers recommendations for the resolution of these challenges, and discusses the effects of the intern's contribution to the organization.