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Master's Report

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Master of Arts in Arts Administration




On August 20, 1984, I began an internship with the Louisiana World Exposition which continued until November 11, 1984. During the course of that internship, opportunities for applying the principles and practices of arts administration were presented in accounting, contracts, and public relations. I have endeavored to present in the pages that follow an overview of my staff position with the Louisiana World Exposition Amphitheatre, beginning with a look at the Amphitheatre's goals, management structure, and management philosophy. The existence of a basic management problem--that of communication--is discussed, with possible solutions to the problem presented. In concluding this presentation, an effort is made to establish some concrete short-range and long-range effects of the internship. Throughout this paper the term "top-level management" is used to indicate the source of ideas, impressions that I received, memos, etc. to which no specific upper management name could be attached, but which lines of communication, such as memos, informal conversations, etc., indicated was a management level higher than the manager of the Amphitheatre. With this basic comment in mind, the exploration of the Louisiana World Exposition Liggett and Myers Amphitheatre as an entity in itself begins.