Document Type

Master's Report

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Arts Administration




During September through December 1989, I successfully completed an internship in the Performing Arts Department at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ms. Elena Ronquillo, Director of Performing Arts at the CAC, acted as my on-site supervisor. She has held this position since August 1988 when the administrative structure of the CAC was reorganized. Previously, she has held the position of Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary/New Genres Department. The Performing Arts Department of the CAC incorporates Theatre, Music and Interdisciplinary Performance. My position as an intern in the Performing Arts Department included the following; 1) interim assistant to Ms. Ronquillo; 2) production coordinator for a major Interdisciplinary Performance, Rachel's Brain by Rachel Rosenthal; 3) pre-production coordinator for a major Theatre production, Brilliant Traces. This report discusses my experiences while I worked with the CAC administration, including specific challenges encountered while I performed assigned duties and tasks in the Performing Arts Department. Recommendations for improvement of specific problems I encountered are discussed. Finally, I discussed my contributions as an intern to the administrative and production aspects of the CAC's Performing Arts Department.