Document Type

Master's Report

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Arts Administration




This report is a result of the research and experience at the Southern Arts Federation located in Atlanta, Georgia in the spring of 1998. A brief overview of the history, mission, and goals are described to give a better sense of the organization's purpose. The Southern Arts Federation's programs and their mission are summarized. The summary focuses on the program's goals for FY 98, whether they were achieved, how they are funded and if they are still in existence. The programs are divided in four major categories, Arts Development, Arts Partnerships, Southern Arts and Culture, and Arts and Arts Education Advocacy, which are the Southern Art Federation's main priorities. A description of the internship, which concentrates on the duties and tasks, performed while at the Southern Arts Federation was given. An in depth description of the Presenter Fee and Dance Support Program (PFIDS) is explained from the onset of the program following through to the completion of the panel process which was used to distribute National Endowment of the Arts funds throughout the nine state region. The exploration of the lack of management training showed the snowball effect that occurred throughout the organizational structure. Recommendations for change are provided in order to show how the organization may improve. Finally, short and long term contributions are explained in order to show the effect that Arts Administration program can have on an ailing organization's structure.