Document Type

Master's Report

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Master of Arts in Arts Administration




From January through June of 1997, I served an Arts Administration internship as Editorial Assistant with the Journal of Planning Education and Research, currently housed in the College of Urban and Public Affairs at the University of New Orleans. The Journal is set to enter its 17th year of publication as a highly respected forum for the scholarly discussion of planning education and planning-related research. The current Editors, celebrating a successful first year in that position, presided over an unprecedented increase in manuscript submissions and a sizable expansion in the quarterly publication's image. The current staff complement, however, has experienced considerable difficulty in accommodating the increased activity. Increased funding has been forthcoming from the Journal's governing body, but the coming year will be a crucial test of the current Editors' ability to manage effectively the publication's continued growth. In the following report I give an overview of the Journal's history, an analysis of its management structure, and a summary of its finances. I delineate my responsibilities and the challenges I faced as an intern and close with my rationale for promoting the Journal's publication of a symposium on cultural resource planning.