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Since August 2005, individuals and families in the Gulf Coast area face enormous challenges to recovery. After a catastrophe, individuals and families have to build back nearly every facet of their lives. The multi-dimensionality of their recovery involves a myriad of resources: housing, health care, employment, schools, and day care. Housing remains central to recovery. While this section of the report does not include specific recommendations about housing, the need for housing and the issues of rebuilding are intertwined with all of the recovery issues. In this section we discuss recommendations for the management of the human recovery. Specifically, we outline recommendations for case management after a catastrophe, ongoing mental health issues that arise in a long term recovery and the role of non profits (both national and international) in recovery. These topics all address human recovery in some fashion and are related; yet, we approach each topic as a single issue. While these are not nearly all the dimensions of human recovery, they represent a sample of the complexity of issues involved in the management of long-term human recovery.


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