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We present our recent simulated results on Cr (5 nm)/ Cu (5 nm)/ Co (5 nm)/ Cu (3 nm)/ Co (2 nm) pseudo-spin valve dots. The simulated results agree qualitatively with the experimental results. Three different sizes of elliptical dots, 150 nm3105 nm, 175 nm370 nm, and 200 nm360 nm, were simulated. Our simulations show that in these types of dots magnetization reversal occurs by the formation of domain walls: 90° for 175 nm370 nm and 360° for 200 nm360 nm. No domain wall was observed in the reversal of the 150 nm3105 nm dots. For such dots, the simulated loops show a small two-step reversal pattern with the thin upper layer partially reversing followed by complete reversal of both layers at higher fields. In the larger dots, a two-step reversal is clearly observed both in the simulation and experiment.

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Journal of Applied Physics

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