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New layered magnetic materials, (MCl)Ca2Ta3O10 (M = Cu, Fe), have been prepared by ion-exchange reactions of non-magnetic perovskite derivatives, ACa2Ta3O10 (A = Rb, Li), in corresponding anhydrous molten salts. Powder x-ray diffraction patterns of the products are successfully indexed assuming tetragonal symmetry with cell dimensions a = 3.829 Å and c = 15.533 Å for Cu, and a = 3.822 Å and c = 15.672 Å for Fe. Being separated by the Ca2Ta3O10 triple-layer perovskite slabs, the transition-metal chloride (MCl) network provides a two-dimensional magnetic lattice. Magnetic susceptibility measurements show that (CuCl)Ca2Ta3O10 is in an antiferromagnetic state below 8 K, while (FeCl)Ca2Ta3O10 has two anomalies at 91 and 125 K, suggesting successive phase transitions due to geometrical spin frustration.

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Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

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