Creating an Interdisciplinary Digital Media Laboratory

Funding Agency

Louisiana Board of Regents, Enhancement Program



Starting date

Summer 2015


The proposed lab facility will allow the University of New Orleans to produce marketable game developers to meet the needs of Louisiana’s emerging digital media industry and foster entrepreneurial endeavors in this industry. It will improve the Computer Science Department’s ability to recruit and retain quality students in game development. It will provide innovative, interdisciplinary teaching and learning opportunities in Computer Science and complementary disciplines such as Film.

The objective of this project is to build a lab equipped with state-of-the-art technology including high-end computers, software, a 3D printer, and motion capture technology for cross-discipline game development. The Innovation and Collaboration Lab will be a space where UNO students can work with cutting-edge tools not readily accessible in southeast Louisiana. Additionally, UNO plans to develop a special topics class and/or assignment(s) within existing Computer Science class on advanced game development that direct students to use this collaboration space in the Library. Finally, the UNO library will train library student workers and staff to monitor the lab and provide technical assistance.

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