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Universities are constantly looking for ways to stretch their emergency management budgets. This session will share insider tips for creatively utilizing public-private and multi-agency partnerships to get more bang for the buck in emergency exercises. A minimal budget does not mean minimal options; it just means it’s time to get creative!

The advantages of multi-agency exercises discussed will include greater realism, shared resources including equipment and monetary contribution, learning opportunities for external agency expectations, and cost savings by integrating exercise requirements in multiple fields. Then the session will focus on how to make these exercises happen through an examination of the exercise planning process and how to gain “buy in” from outside agencies. The key to success is in the planning stage by developing an exercise that meets the goals and objectives of each agency and makes it worth their time and money. The principles of the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) will be used to illustrate the importance of comprehensive exercise planning and involving the right representatives on the planning team.

This session will demonstrate successes and provide innovative ways to make these partnership exercises work through the examination of previously completed exercises of varying scope. Participants will learn how to incorporate public-private partnerships to benefit everyone involved, what creative funding opportunities exist, and what alternative contributions can provide great value to an exercise. A facilitated discussion will finish the session and allow attendees to share lessons learned from their own university’s exercises.