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College and university websites have become a very important tool in crisis communication over the past few years, especially after events such as the devastation from Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Gustav and shootings at institutions such as Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois, University of Texas, and Northern Alabama. Stakeholders are turning to the university websites when a crisis occurs. It has become important for higher education institutions to have specific websites that deal with the possibility of a crisis. This discussion takes a look at websites in the Gulf Region through the research process of content analysis. The goal of this presentation will be to showcase the important aspects of crisis management websites, discuss important components of the websites, and open a dialogue with the audience about how administrators at higher education institutions can properly utilize their university websites before, during, and after a crisis. Additionally, the participants in the session will gain the opportunity to begin a dialogue about if there should be standardization to the terminology, locations, information, and access available on the websites.