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Colleges and universities across the country are faced with many of the same challenges that corporations and government agencies confront: how to ensure continuing operations in the face of emergencies and disasters. In the corporate world, this is known as “Business Continuity,” or BCP, and in government circles, “Continuity of Operations,” or COOP. But whatever name you give it, the concepts, strategies, and tactics behind this aspect of preparedness, response, and recovery can be critical to all types of higher education institutions, large and small, when financial, academic, research, reputational, and other aspects are considered.

The presentation will cover the basics of BCP/COOP as it applies to higher education institutions, looking at assets, consequences, vulnerabilities, threats/hazards, and overall risk. The question of “what is essential?” in the college/university setting will be presented, along with some case studies of what happens when you do and do not have a program in place. Experience of software use to facilitate the BCP/COOP process will also be discussed (although no product endorsements will be provided), along with the old “paper and pen” method of data collection and analysis. Finally, opportunities for success, including some examples from around the country, will be posed to the audience.