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You will leave this session with a fresh appreciation for emergency planning standards: where they come from, how to use them, why they matter. And you’ll be introduced to the UCC Crosswalk of Institutional Resilience Standards,* a new tool for easily navigating a dozen of them.

Why? Standards can serve as both reference point and guide for comprehensive planning, and will help ensure your plan is complete.

What & Where? Standards are promulgated by public and private entities (professional associations and dedicated standards bodies). Some standards, though, are not ideally suited for the higher education setting.

How? Learn the process for developing standards; how they move from concept to adoption.

Who? Standards are written by experts, but they are human. Economic, political and turf considerations can play a part.

Which? Each of the standards has pros and cons. All bring something of value, and all have gaps—

some of them surprising. Do you pick a single one, or cherry-pick the best of each? Should you simply rely on "best practices" instead of using standards?

When? Learn when in your cycle to address or adopt standards. Whether you are new to emergency planning and could use a jump-start, or a seasoned pro wanting to put polish on a lifetime investment in the discipline, standards can offer vital help to ensure your plan is optimized for your school.

*- A product of the Standards Committee of the University & College Caucus of the International Association of Emergency Managers.