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Many Colleges and Universities either provide child care, or house a provider, on their campus. This is an invaluable resource for professors, staff and students. These facilities carry the tremendous responsibility of caring for children in even the most unpredictable and vulnerable situations —emergencies. Disasters and emergencies can strike anywhere at any time, including the many hours children are in in the care of childcare professionals, separated from their families. This session will cover basic emergency planning for child care facilities. It is critical that professionals are equipped with the skills and resources needed to protect children and provide for their unique needs when emergencies strike.

Research has shown that parents will disobey evacuation orders in order to ensure that their children are protected. Ensuring that the families of those in child care are aware that there is an all hazards plan, know what that plan entails, and understand how to be reunified with their child following an emergency is critical to making the college or universities' own plans work.