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The pressure to rebuild after a disaster can be fierce and unrelenting. Colleges and universities impacted by an event will be pushed to re-open the doors and resume teaching and research quickly. What are the factors to consider? How do you balance the lost revenues, damage to research, faculty pay requirements, housing of students, temporary facilities and alternative transportation, communication, housing, lecture space, research and administrative computing needs? It’s in the best interest of your institution to have a plan for how these repairs or reconstruction efforts will be funded. In addition to the issues of re-engagement you also need to understand the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Public Assistance Program requirements for reimbursement and eligibility. While FEMA’s program offers reimbursements to most colleges and universities, it comes with requirements and restrictions that need to be understood in order to protect your institution’s investment and assure maximum return on investments. This session will cover the common challenges faced by program participants and offer suggestions on how to avoid common pitfalls.

Learning outcomes:

  • Awareness of FEMA’s Public Assistance Program and relevancy to colleges and universities Understanding of common challenges faced by colleges and universities in participating in the program
  • Ideas on how to plan for the financial recovery aspects of disaster