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The Disaster Resistant University (DRU) project was started at the University of Mississippi on August 24, 2004 with funding from a FEMA grant through the national DRU program. The objective of the project was to create a mitigation plan for the university in order to make it safer against the natural hazards by minimizing losses. A DRU Advisory Committee, created as a result of this project, identified and prioritized 25 mitigation action measures that will reduce the University’s vulnerability to most damaging hazards. The plan delineates eight potential natural hazards that are of concern to the university the most damaging of which were determined by a HAZUS-MH based risk analysis to be tornado, earthquake and straight line wind.

The proposed talk will present preliminary results of risk analysis being performed to account for changes to the original mitigation plan as a result of developments on the university campus over the last five years. These changes include significant expansion and modernization of buildings and critical facilities affecting emergency response and potential loss estimation. In addition changes have occurred