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This 45 Minute presentation will highlight College opportunities through a recent joint Federal Grant Program (Department of Homeland Security- FEMA) entitled: The Community College Citizen Preparedness Program (3CP2). The presentation will be from one of the lead community colleges and include the training material development, expansion of the program via community resources and related homeland security programs and resources available to colleges. The program is now available in an online format and colleges and communities are free to use it via the web link for their students, faculty and the general population. The 3CP2 program is a 2 hour program designed to train students, faculty, staff and others on how to be prepared for up to 72 hours of a natural or artificial disaster. The course is entirely free.

At the conclusion of the presentation, attendees will be provided with the information on how to participate in the program and join a tremendous forum for collaboration among colleges/communities.

This program can easily transition into a College or Community CERT Program. The presentation includes an online demo of the program.

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