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We perform an online survey of candidates, who listed their resume on the 2002 FMA website, seeking finance faculty positions. The response rate is approximately 50 percent. Consistent with Bertin, Prather, and Zivney (1999), we find that the new hire market for finance professors continues to shrink and salary range continues to widen. The factors significantly affecting the success rate in the job market are: having Ph.D./DBA in Finance/Financial Economics, having dissertation defended, having worked as a GA, being a female, and being a US citizen/permanent resident. Being a female candidate or an appointment at an accredited college are associated with higher salaries. The number of FMA interviews and the number of campus visits too have positive relation with salaries. It appears that the market condition has changed since the Bertin, Prather, and Zivney (1999) study, as we find that US citizens and permanent residents have more success (than non-US citizens) in obtaining jobs and a female candidate has greater chances in securing a job with higher salary than her male counterpart.