Volume 49 (2024)

Dear Readers,

As my time as the Managing Editor of Ellipsis comes to a close, I want to thank you and the whole UNO Community for reading not just the issues I've been a part of creating, but all the ones before and those yet to come. Ellipsis has always and will always be the voice of UNO’s incredibly talented students, staff, and alumni, and it's been a joy to bring your words to life.

Issue 49 brought us the most submissions I've seen as Editor, which is due in no small part to the wonderful team who helped spread the word on campus and online. We saw work from previous contributors and some new names, too. The pieces in this issue follow a similar theme of environmentalism and existentialism, which seem to be on all of our minds recently. In the wise words of UNO Editor in Chief, Abram Himelstein, “As publishers, we need to make sure our pages are worth the trees it takes to print on.” I believe that the collective trees it has taken to create Ellipsis have taken on a second life, as a living document of the UNO community.

To everyone who has submitted to us in the past and has seen their words come to life in print, thank you. To everyone who has worked on the Ellipsis editorial team to bring these words to life, thank you. To all of our readers at UNO and beyond, thank you. To Abram Himelstein, for giving me this opportunity for the past three years, thank you. As I part ways with the great city of New Orleans, Ellipsis and UNO will always have a place in my heart.

Thank you,

Jax Borukhovich