Fourth Annual Empire and Solidarity in the Americas Conference: Latin American Visions of Solidarity

University of New Orleans

October 14-15, 2011

Conference Organizers: Aviva Chomsky and Steve Striffler

International solidarity between the United States and Latin America has sought to create partnerships between actors with vastly unequal access to power and resources. Solidarity activism has worked to change U.S. policy towards Latin America, to provide material aid to Latin Americans, and to educate the U.S. public about Latin American realities and the impacts of U.S. foreign policy. Most studies of U.S.-Latin America solidarity have focused on U.S.-based organizations and their activities.

This conference seeks to explore Latin American visions of solidarity from two perspectives: First, how have Latin Americans seen, understood, and engaged with U.S. solidarity movements? Second, how have Latin Americans conceptualized and created their own visions of solidarity? In both cases, we also look to understand the ways in which Latin American actions and visions been received and understood in U.S. solidarity circles.

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