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Honors Thesis-Unrestricted

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Leonard Spinu


Static techniques to measure different magnetic properties of coupled magnetic nanostructured systems is researched and documented with an extensive analysis of the tunnel diode oscillator (TDO). The VSM was used to obtain the major hysteresis loop for the samples and the TDO was used to measure the magnetic susceptibility. The magnetic susceptibility was employed to conceive the static critical curve.

The thesis describes both equipments, VSM and TDO, that were used to obtain data for our experiments. Albeit a more comprehensive outlook on the TDO is provided. The theoretical functionality of TDO, previous successful applications for experiments, and the physical setup in the laboratory is explored. The novel addition of the double Helmholtz coil in this setup is described. The viability of replacement of the big electromagnet and the advantages of the Helmholtz coil are discussed.

Magnetization dynamics in a series of FeCoB/Ru/FeCoB synthetic antiferromagnetic samples were investigated via reversible susceptibility measurements acquired through the TDO. The major hysteresis loop generated by the VSM were used to calculate the coercivity and magnetic saturation of the sample.

The VSM and TDO were subsequently used to explore the magnetization switching in a di_erent coupled magnetic system, the exchange bias samples. A range of NiFe/FeMn samples were studied with varying thickness of the antiferromagnetic layer.


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