Bikesh Pandey

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Honors Thesis-Unrestricted

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Computer Science

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Computer Science


Shaikh Arifuzzaman


Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) Research currently generates an extraordinary amount of publications and interest in fellow computer scientists and biologists alike because of the underlying potential of the source material that researchers can work with. PPI networks are the networks of protein complexes formed by biochemical events or electrostatic forces serving a biological function [1]. Since the analysis of the protein networks is now growing, we have more information regarding protein, genomes and their influence on life. Today, PPI networks are used to study diseases, improve drugs and understand other processes in medicine and health that will eventually help mankind.

Though PPI network research is considered extremely important in the field, there is an issue – we do not have enough people who have enough interdisciplinary knowledge in both the fields of biology and computer science; this limits our rate of progress in the field.

Most biologists that are not expert coders need a way of calculating graph values and information that will help them analyze the graphs better without having to manipulate the data themselves. In this research, I test a few ways of achieving results through the use of available frameworks and algorithms, present the results and compare each method’s efficacy.

My analysis takes place on very large datasets where I calculate several centralities and other data from the graph using different metrics, and I also visualize them in order to gain further insight. I also managed to note the significance of MPI and multithreading on the results thus obtained that suggest building scalable tools will help improve the analysis immensely.


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