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Honors Thesis-Unrestricted

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Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

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Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


Lothar Birk


During early-stage ship design, a propulsion system must be matched with data from a resistance and propulsion analysis to determine the propulsion power required for the vessel to run at its design speed. Typically, this process is completed within NavCAD; however, NavCAD does not have a method to calculate icebreaking resistance or design a propeller to meet the ice-class criteria stipulated by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). This paper displays and discusses Python scripts written to complete the resistance and propulsion analysis, propeller optimization, and propeller structural design meeting IACS criteria for an icebreaking, RoRo car and cargo ferry, the MV Yahtse. This code was designed to complete propeller design for the preliminary design stage of the vessel; however, the code can be modified for any stage of design as well as for use with any icebreaking vessel with principal characteristics that fall within the parameters required for the use of Holtrop and Mennen’s resistance and propulsion analysis method. The Python scripts were proven to be able to generate resistance and propulsion analysis results comparable to the results found from NavCAD as well as design two propellers suitable for the MV Yahtse that pass the criteria imposed by the IACS ice-class regulations.


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