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Honors Thesis-Unrestricted

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Fine Arts

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Art - History


Alexa Arroyo


Culture has always had a substantial influence on how art is perceived and executed. Artists have, more often than not, let their own backgrounds and experiences influence the way their art is produced; those who merely view art form opinions about works through their own cultural understanding. What makes art and what their own backgrounds allow them to distinguish art as is often defined by cultural origins. My observation is that, in this new age, there are distinct cultural biases, particularly within the U.S., that create social pressures to produce certain types of art, and anyone who operates outside that realm is disadvantaged. I have created imagery to highlight the distress that cultural biases have caused in my own life—as an artist who follows a style outside my culture—and in the lives of other artists who share my struggles, in an allegorical and comical sense.


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