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Honors Thesis-Unrestricted

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Film and Theatre

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Film Arts


Erik Hansen


Beacon is a short, relatively low production value screenplay about two people coming to know each other better, about them coming to know themselves better and to grow as human beings. When Kate Clarence realizes she’s discovered the journal of her favorite pen-named author from childhood—“C. Rimes”—she embarks on a journey to return it to him, whoever he is. She’s delinquent on her rent, her bookshop’s failing, she’s far from her landlocked Midwest home and family, and she’s single; the obligation to return the journal is a welcomed adventure and reprieve. However, when she comes to the conclusion that C. Rimes meant for her to find the journal because he’s in love with her and wants to reveal who he is to the world, the situation gets complicated. A lighthouse on the coast of Maine will beckon her to a special meeting with the mysterious C. Rimes and serve as her guiding light while she gropes through the dark to find him—and who he is.


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