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Reggie Poché


The following ten chapters comprise the beginning of a larger novel, one which focuses on a young woman’s journey to both accept the mistakes she has made and forgive herself for making them. Carson Cadwell returns to her small hometown after spending the last six months at college in the nearby big city. During this time her mother, who has struggled with breast cancer for years, has finally passed away. Carson, who cut off all contact with her family while she was at school, is now forced to face the reality of what she left behind. Carson, who moves into her mother’s old bedroom, comes across a journal that her mother wrote when she was a teenager. Through the reading of this journal, as well as various interactions with the people who live in the town, Carson comes to realize a side of her mother that she didn’t know before. It is with the help of these journal entries, as well as various interactions with those who live in town and her own family, that Carson begins to confront the guilt she feels for leaving behind those she loved when they needed her most.


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