Vice President for Research and Economic Development: Matt Tarr

ORSP has both a compliance monitoring role as well as a service role to assist faculty in their acquisition of external funds that further academic pursuits. The compliance role embodies the traditional components of academic research which guarantee its higher level credibility; proper ethics and protection of human subjects; proper animal care and use; scientific integrity; financial integrity; and avoidance of conflicts of interest. The service component of ORSP entails more of a partnership with the faculty in furthering their various research agendas. Some of those components include: providing leadership to small or large groups of faculty on projects requiring partnership with outside resources, assistance in identifying federal sources, announcement of special competitions, assistance and advice in proposal preparation, proposal submission and dealing with all the financial and non-financial aspects once an award is secured. All of these services are provided to insure that faculty has an overall positive experience in their pursuit of external funding. Thus, the ORSP provides a partnership role both externally and internally to the University, in numerous ways, all toward the common goals of furthering UNO's overall research agenda and development of a wide array of sponsored programs. This website is an attempt to provide vital information to facilitate realizing those goals, as well as linkages to personnel who can assist the faculty in all phases of their work. We hope you will take a moment to familiarize yourself with our sitemap; and we look forward to being contacted by all of you within the University community who share these common goals.


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