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The Faraday rotation spectrum of composites containing magnetite nanoparticles is found to be dependent on the interparticle spacing of the constituent nanoparticles. The composite materials are prepared by combining chemically synthesized Fe

3O4 smagnetited nanoparticles s8-nm diameterd and polysmethylmethacrylated . Composites are made containing a range of nanoparticle concentrations. The peak of the main spectral feature depends on nanoparticle concentration; this peak is observed to shift from approximately 470 nm for sdilute compositesd to 540 nm concentrated . We present a theory based on the discrete-dipole approximation which accounts for

optical coupling between magnetite particles. Qualitative correlations between theoretical calculations and experimental data suggest that the shifts in spectral peak position depend on both interparticle distance and geometrical configuration

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J. Appl. Phys.