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The magnetic ground state of (Sr1−xCax)3Ru2O7 (0≤x≤1) is complex, ranging from an itinerant metamagnetic state (0≤x<0.08) to an unusual heavy-mass nearly ferromagnetic (FM) state (0.08<x<0.4), and finally to an antiferromagnetic (AFM) state (0.4≤x≤1). In this report we elucidate the electronic properties for these magnetic states, and show that the electronic and magnetic properties are strongly coupled in this system. The electronic ground state evolves from an AFM quasi-two-dimensional metal for x=1.0 to an Anderson localized state for 0.4≤x<1.0 (the AFM region). When the magnetic state undergoes a transition from the AFM to the nearly FM state, the electronic ground state switches to a weakly localized state induced by magnetic scattering for 0.25≤x<0.4, and then to a magnetic metallic state with the in-plane resistivity ρabTα (α>2) for 0.08<x<0.25. The system eventually transforms into a Fermi-liquid ground state when the magnetic ground state enters the itinerant metamagnetic state for x<0.08. When x approaches the critical composition (x∼0.08), the Fermi-liquid temperature is suppressed to zero Kelvin, and non-Fermi-liquid behavior is observed. These results demonstrate the strong interplay between the charge and spin degrees of freedom in the double-layered ruthenates.

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Phys. Rev. B