Document Type

Capstone Report

Publication Date

Spring 2017


St. John the Baptist Parish is home to a considerable amount of historic landmarks and neighborhoods. Presently, sixteen properties throughout St. John and the national historic district of Garyville are listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). Although prestigious, this mostly honorary recognition provides limited legal protections for their preservation (Miller, 2008). As a result, St. John the Baptist Parish has lost a significant amount of historic property. A program to protect the parish’s significant historic and cultural landmarks can help preserve and revitalize areas of established historic value and capitalize on existing parish assets. In fall 2016, the St. John the Baptist Parish Planning and Zoning Department invited the UNO-PLUS Masters of Urban and Regional Planning Practicum team to work with a council-appointed study committee of stakeholders to develop a historic preservation and revitalization strategy.

As part of the development of this strategy, St. John the Baptist Parish is working to become a Certified Local Government (CLG) to pursue their historic preservation agenda and to access funding for revitalization projects in the parish. This report provides the study committee with the team’s findings and recommendations for the historic preservation strategy which includes a structure survey of the four proposed historic districts, a review of the draft ordinance, an overview of historic preservation resources, and community outreach materials.


MURP 6720 Practicum in Urban and Regional Planning