Document Type

Capstone Report

Publication Date

Spring 2017


Located just across the river from the French Quarter, Old Algiers is the second oldest neighborhood in New Orleans and is just fifteen minutes from downtown. Since the 1960s, the neighborhood has suffered from disinvestment and lost residents, jobs, and commercial activity, while the proportion of vacant and underutilized lots has grown. Because it did not flood during Hurricane Katrina, Old Algiers did not benefit from many of the public and private resources that helped rebuild and re-energize other parts of the city. Currently, its proximity to downtown, relatively affordable real estate, and rich cultural history make it a prime candidate for new investment and development. However, the Old Algiers Main Street Corporation (OAMSC) has recognized that without guidance from the community, development may not fit the scale, character, and culture of the neighborhood. OAMSC - focusing on the commercial corridors of Newton and Teche Streets - is attempting to strike the balance between encouraging reinvestment in the area and causing displacement of long-time residents and/or changing the character of Old Algiers.


MURP 6720 Practicum in Urban and Regional Planning