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This report are the findings of research on Tiny Houses in the City of New Orleans. This project looks at the issues related to how and/or if ‘prefabricated’ housing is defined by housing type, conforms to zoning and is valued (by the assessor and private banks) in the New Orleans market. The case study will summarize existing and proposed ordinances that relate to the design and siting requirements for houses on wheels and without. The definition of tiny houses built by Preservation Tiny House Company falls into the category of ‘mobile homes’ or ‘trailers’ which many manufactured houses are considered. (Manufactured Homes and Parks- Definitions, Municipal Code City of New Orleans) The study will identify potential development city-wide sites that have been returned to commerce (formerly blighted). The issues related to nonconforming sites and housing developments are those which the Louisiana Manufactured Housing Association (LMHA) are interested in beyond Louisiana.


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