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It appears that Ray Nagin continues to enjoy a substantial lead over Richard Pennington in the election for Mayor of New Orleans. In spite of the flurry of negative campaigning immediately following Mardi Gras, there does not appear to be very much movement in aggregate voter preferences. These results are similar to Verne Kennedy's results from a survey taken Feb. 13th to Feb. 14th in which he found Nagin's support to be 48% and Pennington's 29%. The most positive news for Ray Nagin is that he has significantly expanded his support from the primary election, while Richard Pennington's support has increased much less. As we would expect from the primary election results, preferences are related to race, with white voters overwhelmingly favoring Nagin and African American voters evenly divided. The number of undecided among black voters is particularly high, 35%, indicating the difficulty some are having making a decision.