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Residents of St. Tammany are negative about recent trends in the quality of life in their parish. Anti-growth sentiment in St. Tammany has doubled in the past five years, and growth is considered by far to be the biggest problem facing the parish. Concern about growth-related problems is increasing. Today a majority of residents is opposed to both new residential and commercial development. Growth-related government services, such as drainage, traffic control, zoning, and preserving wetlands are rated "poor" or "very poor" by at least a third of the residents. Twenty-five percent say they sometimes smell sewage in their neighborhood. Residents are somewhat cynical about whether parish government listens to them on the issues of growth. In the southwest region of the parish, problems with growth are considered to be worse and opposition to new growth is higher. Three-quarters of the residents say they are willing to put up with restrictions on what they can do with property in order to control development. Most residents would not be willing to pay higher taxes at this time to control development. The educated residents are most willing to accept tradeoffs, such as taxes and restrictions, to control development.


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