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The University of New Orleans Survey Research Center, in association with the software company Lucid, has released the results of a statewide opt-in Internet poll that gauges voter preferences in Saturday’s primary election for governor of Louisiana. The poll surveyed 623 registered voters from Oct. 14-19, 2015.

The poll shows that Republican David Vitter has a slight lead over Democratic candidate John Bel Edwards. Two other Republicans, Jay Dardenne and Scott Angelle, lag behind the top two candidates by double-digits.


As telephone-based political polls become more challenging to conduct and their accuracy has come into question, researchers are beginning to experiment with new non-probability sampling methodologies and weighting data to be representative of the population of interest, according to Ed Chervenak, director of the UNO Survey Research Center.

Opt-in Internet polls come with some caveats, including demographic differences in Internet access and usage with respect to age, and the fact that respondents are not selected through a random sampling procedure. In spite of these concerns, the results are aligned with what has been found in other traditional statewide polls.