Course Number

AADM 6246

Course Title

Arts Technology Overview

Course Date

Fall 2015

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Arts Administration


College of Liberal Arts

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The plow, the fork, the steam engine, the typewriter, the smartphone: each of these technological innovations has dramatically affected the way we live and the way we do business. Almost without exception, the people and companies that have stayed abreast of such advancements have been the leaders in their industries.

Most of today’s business innovations use computers (including smartphones and tablets) for communications, data management, customer/donor relations, and other essential services. Over the course of this semester, you’ll learn some of the underlying concepts behind much of contemporary technology; you’ll also be introduced to some of today’s industry-standard software. The course assumes the eventual obsolescence of that software, but it also assumes that the next generation of programs will be modeled on their predecessors. In other words, even though you may not use these exact programs when you enter the workplace, you’ll probably be using software so similar that the skills you acquire here will transfer.


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