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ANTH 2232

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World Archaeology

Course Date

Fall 2015

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College of Liberal Arts

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This course offers a survey of world archaeology, from evidence for the earliest humans to the civilizations of the ancient Near East and Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The methods and tools used by archaeologists will be introduced, as will major themes in archaeological theory and in the history of the discipline. Particular archaeological culture areas and groups will serve as examples through which to critically explore archaeological inference: how we know what we think we know about the past. In addition, contemporary issues and new data on a wide range of archaeological issues will be discussed, including hominid evolution and Neanderthal/human contacts; the earliest Americans and the Kennewick debate; the origins of agriculture, cities, symbolic art, monumental architecture, and writing; diffusion and cross-cultural influence; and looting, grave robbing, cultural heritage, and the related ethical questions in archaeological practice.


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