Course Number

ANTH 5766

Course Title

The Anthropology of Sex and Gender

Course Date

Fall 2015

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College of Liberal Arts

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This course explores key anthropological treatments of the study of sex and gender. The first part of the course will explore the origins of the concepts of “sex” and of “gender” and their transformations. We are especially attentive to the ways that “gender” as a category of analysis is connected to theoretical formations against inequality based on race and class, and to the marginalization of the study of sex within academic disciplines. We ask why some scholars argue for separating “sex” from “gender” studies entirely, and, what are the implications of such an approach? The second part of the course will more intensively engage with a key theme or line of inquiry in the anthropology of sex and gender relations. Here, students work together to craft research projects centered around the following five topics: (1) Migration and Domestic Work (2) Sex and Gender-Based Collective Violence during political conflict


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