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Film, Theatre & Communication Arts


Film, Theatre, and Communication Arts

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Lavender, William

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Boyden, Joseph

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Murphy, Kay


A Train Passing Over Water, a novel by Margaret A. D'Amico, takes place in southern Italy between 1917 and 1920, during and just after the First World War. Train is the first story in a trilogy spanning four generations. It follows three years in the life of Nunzia, seventeen year-old daughter of Elido Carlucci, a peasant from a village in the region of Puglia. The family of four is separated when Elido is called to fight for the Italians at the Isonzo front in northern Italy. After her older sister dies, Nunzia becomes the primary provider for herself and her grieving mother, Filomena. Nunzia struggles to survive as a field worker and realizes her talents as a barterer and village messenger. Her story complicates when she becomes an assistant to a mysterious Bavarian anthropologist. She faces new challenges when her mother's brother returns from America to take her father's place.


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